How To Book an Event with Niles MacFlouer


No matter where you are, if you would like to book an event with Niles MacFlouer
call Ageless Wisdom Distributors at 480 966-3132,
or e-mail us to discuss details.


For all the events: 
Join Niles and a group of those in search of understanding, in frank and enlightening discussion about the nature of our universe and the world we live in.  For all areas of metaphysics Niles will attempt to answer and further discuss the most important (and maybe perplexing) questions posed by those attending. This is an opportunity to bring to light and receive full conceptual answers to our most difficult and perhaps seemingly impossible questions.

Niles encourages the participants to discuss that which they really seek to understand.  His fully conceptual and clearly defined teaching has brought many to higher levels of understanding.

Niles's first book, Life's Hidden Meaning, is a collection of questions and answers, and more, that escorts the reader on an adventure into the evolution of the universe, our planet, and ourselves. Readers have called it a shortcut straight into the heart of esoteric  knowledge.  His second book, Afterlife Love, is an epic adventure that is also a unique expression of a deep and loving romance in which you can further recognize and understand the nature of the human soul and its relationship to all else.

For more information, contact Ageless Wisdom Distributors at 480 966-3132 or


Some of the Available Workshops

The Afterlife—Mysteries Revealed
A workshop focusing on the whats, hows, and especially the whys of life after physical death. Niles MacFlouer, author of Life's Hidden Meaning, explains the subtle world in clear and concise ways. He will take the participants on a guided (imagery) tour of the astral and the lower mental sub-planes. For those familiar with Charles Leadbeater and other esoteric writers about the inner planes, Niles's presentation is likely to add much greater detail and further conceptual understanding. Because the lower astral sub-planes are often so dark, and especially the eighth sphere, Niles has requested that adults and mature older adolescents attend; the frank explanations and discussions about selfish behavior including certain issues concerning sexuality are very likely not for children. In between each tour of a sub-plane world (including the etheric plane right after physical death), a question-and-answer and open discussion period will ensue. 


Becoming More One With the Creator
Both an experiential and a deeply spiritual journey into the participants' searches for ways of creating more virtue and service. Those attending can, with Niles MacFlouer's assistance at times as needed and requested, attempt a soul level introspection and sharing to become more spiritual in their lives. Parts of Life's Hidden Meaning and many other resources are applied to teach and then for the participants to experience spiritual disciplines of the etheric/dense physical, astral, and mental bodies. Niles plans to share some basics of Synthetic (a Mental) Yoga, which is being developed by the Ageless Wisdom Distributors spiritual group. Very helpful methods of etheric/dense physical and astral discipline will also be offered and experienced among the participants. Those attending may, at some future time, choose to read and study Life's Hidden Meaning and to be further assisted by Niles and other members of the Ageless Wisdom Distributors group.   Those seeking a more spiritual life are likely to find this workshop invaluable.