About Niles MacFlouer...


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From a truly amazing transformational journey of a personality-driven professional into a more soul-conscious metaphysical author and teacher, Niles MacFlouer created his life into spiritually serving others.  Although he has years of experience and advanced education as a scientist, physicist, and psychologist, his spiritual contributions come from his deeper understanding and unique research conclusions as a metaphysician. These contributions are what convincingly distinguish his knowledge and information from most of what has thus far been written or spoken about the Creator and the Big Picture, life, how the universe works, the world we live in, and life after physical death.

 As a noted author and weekly talk radio host, Niles MacFlouer has earned the reputation of seamlessly blending together metaphysics, science, and theology while bringing God into science and reason into theology. Perhaps the best way to know who he is today and what his service is about would be to ask him directly the most perplexing spiritual and metaphysical questions, and let his answers be the determining factor.

 At the height of his professional career, Niles MacFlouer encountered an unusual opportunity that led to a major awakeningone that changed his life from personal success, skepticism, and the absence of any real meaning in life to dedicating his life to the advancement of consciousness in humanity.  For the past over twenty years he has attempted to consistently discipline himself for the purpose of spiritual improvement, in order to serve as a resource for new information and knowledge.  Included in these contributions are Life's Hidden Meaning (a 720-page, fully illustrated, conceptual textbook), Afterlife Love (a romance novel that is written from actual lives and experiences, transcends time and space, and describes in great detail life after physical death), more than 350 articles, public workshops and discussion groups, and his weekly talk radio show Why Life Is… (airing two live shows weekly, over Internet Radio from Paradise, CA and over AM Radio and Internet Radio from Boston, MA). 


Niles MacFlouer's clearly defined teachings complement and support other spiritual work that is also committed to living in greater understanding, love, truth, and beauty.  What is different about Niles’s work are the many original whole concepts, or the whys, he adds to what has been available to date. These concepts demystify and completely explain even those subjects that once may have been thought to be unexplainable.  In addition, they help people to think logically and analytically, outside the known, and to create truth from wisdom.  His deeper approach towards assisting others to become more one with all provides many life-altering tools to help increase understanding, so that the hidden meaning of life can be revealed.  Equally inspirational are his methods for creating virtue and increasing light in the world…by giving wisely to others in ways that are designed to help create more light and love.