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Afterlife Love

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Afterlife Love Reviews



From critics…

The first few chapters have great character development and then, bam, the story shifts to gripping action and adventure that is unlike anything anyone has ever read, yet it remains a magnificent love story throughout. I couldn’t put it down and didn’t want it to end.   Spiritual Living

 This groundbreaking book is not only a powerful and moving romantic novel that entertains, it also teaches quite credibly about what life is like in other dimensions and why...sure to be used as an information source, again and again.  Soul Matters

 The man who gave us huge book dealing with the greatest questions ever asked, Life’s Hidden Meaning, now give us a less overwhelming book. A book which he says is “mainly true.” We are left on our own to determine whether it is about him or someone he knows. If you’ve seen the movie What Dreams May Come, you are ready for this book, which goes into a great bit of detail in describing (within the limits of a novel) what things are like after death. It is almost non-fiction. In fact there are several pages of factual description of what the various levels of the astral world are all about. Remember, it’s in a fictional format.   Omega Directory

From readers…   

Buy it, read it, and then read it again!

Nilsson Aime, so thankful for the AWD group!!!, August 3, 2004,
AfterLife Love gives an excellent (and fairly detailed) description of the 'after-life', whilst at the same time tying in a romantic love story in a most unique way. This novel is based on a true story, which happens to also be very educational in spiritual matters. It reveals lots of the hidden side of reality in such a fascinating way, that is such a pleasure to learn about. I highly recommend both AfterLife Love and Life's Hidden Meaning, for those who seek to understand the hidden mysteries of life!


An amazing story

Aaron ----- Walnut Creek, CA, A reviewer, June 5, 2003,

Once I started reading this book I couldn't put it down. It shows us the amazing power of love. What starts out as a romance between Shane and Rebecca turns into an adventure that takes them to places and worlds they never dreamed of. Eventually their love for each other leads them to discover their own souls, and the joy of helping others to do the same. It's a funny, entertaining, moving, and inspiring story. It's the kind of book you want to read more than once.


4 out of 5 stars

Transcending time and space in and through love...

A reviewer, a reader in Northern California, June 2, 2003,
The story is about two people growing, connecting, separating and then reconnecting in a most auspicious way. Although the events shared are wonderful, the undercurrent of wisdom shared is magnificent. Imagine creating enough virtue in your life that you could spiritually accelerate your life's mission and inspire others to do the same. I am so inspired by author Niles MacFlouer that I'm now reading Life's Hidden Meaning.


I can’t wait for the movie!

Reviewer: Sandra from Chicago, IL , June 1, 2003
The writing in Afterlife Love is so good that I now can no longer enjoy movies the way I used to. Now what I want in a movie is Afterlife Love’s richness of character development, snappy and realistic dialogue, and startling plot twists that in some parts made me weep and in others made me want to jump up and cheer. I want a story that I never could have imagined on my own, but believe every word of. After every movie I see now, I wish for the story of Shane and Rebecca on the big screen.


 Quite possibly the best book I have ever read.

Emily, Boston, MA, May 20, 2003
This book is as entertaining and interesting and well-written as any I know, but it is so much more than that. Without giving away the story, I will tell you that reading Afterlife Love will make you re-consider what you thought you knew about love and romance. And if that’s not enough, this book offers an pretty unconventional explanation—but the most sensible one I have come across—of what happens when one leaves physical existence, and why. There is nothing shrouded in mystery here. 

I felt like I was right there with the main character through all his trials and triumphs. I even found myself, later, after I’d finished the book, thinking to myself a question I’d like to ask him, forgetting for that moment that he was merely a character in a book.
Different readers will benefit in different ways, but it is hard to imagine someone not being at least a little bit changed (for the better) as a result of reading Afterlife Love.

A Simply Incredible Love Story for Our Time!

James, Nevada City, CA, A reviewer, May 7, 2003

AfterLife Love is an incredibly intimate love story, searing drama, intellect, fun with lots of juicy sexuality on multiple dimensions! Literally the story spans multiple dimensions of our universe and as a thinly veiled backdrop, imparts an Ageless Wisdom for the Reader and for our time. The story is based on actual events and people and this will make you think and feel as ONE with the Author. The main characters are entirely vulnerable, innocent and committed to one another and to the spirit upon which they base their lives together and as individuals. Rebecca, a spiritually evolved, incredibly sexy, almost thirty something, meets Shane, a shallow, stubborn but vulnerable young guy with all the trappings of what he thinks is a cool lifestyle. Rebecca recognizes her soon to be love and lover from a past life and the transformation of two souls begin!

Soulmates for life and beyond this life! This book has the potential to change one's personal paradigm about love AND LIFE!


4 out of 5 stars

Beyond a Love Story

A reviewer (afullerton@earthlink.net), Account Manager, April 30, 2003,

AfterLife Love is the story of Shane and Rebecca, a love that blossoms in the physical world, and transcends into the afterlife, ever expanding the depth of their love, its meaning and the service it provides to others in both worlds. Not merely fiction, the story is based on ancient, Ageless Wisdom teachings presented in the author’s first book, Life’s Hidden Meaning. Whether you are a student of esoteric knowledge, or just interested in life beyond the physical, AfterLife Love will provide imagery and wisdom, through the lessons of the characters, for many hours of inner contemplation.

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