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Life's Hidden Meaning

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Ageless Wisdom Distributors...
de-mystifying life's mysteries

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Detail of Life’s Hidden Meaning


Life’s Hidden Meaning blends together metaphysics, science, and theology. It brings God into science and logic into theology, while revealing an incredible number of newly structured Ageless Wisdom concepts. Readers are invited to learn and continue to be challenged by this book’s very insightful explanations of what may be a complete cosmology and ontology of our universe. The hidden meaning of life and the increases in understanding the oneness of life are what many readers of metaphysics have been searching for.


Detail of Life’s Hidden Meaning

This 8˝" x 11" book has 732 pages of text and illustrations, and answers the most difficult questions that many people have about life and our universe. The answers are explained conceptually, which allows the reader to test their accuracy. The wholeness of the concepts helps many readers to gain enough understanding to be able to use the information not only to verify its accuracy, but, in addition, to constructively improve the meaning in their lives and possibly in the lives of others as well.


Spirit Informing Form

Spirit Informing Form

Group souls think for many of the same types of lifeforms. They each have an Oversoul that assists them in this process. Group souls inform “fallen” spirit on the planes that their lifeforms have bodies on, so that the fallen spirit can directly inform the energy within the bodies of the lifeforms. The Solar Angel’s higher mental Self is shared by the group soul, so that the group soul can better think about the needs of its pre-life forms or lifeforms. Each group soul and its individual Solar Angel, or OverSoul, overcome some of the limitations caused by their pre-life forms or lifeforms not providing a completed sense of time of the dimension these forms exist within. With the help of its Solar Angel, a human soul creates and informs an individual lifeform of a human being. The human lives with senses on all three of the lower dimensions of the universe. Through its connected self, each soul gives thought to spirit that is “fallen” and that cannot think well enough to get surrounding energies of lunar devas and elementals to follow its thought. With the informing thought of the soul and its self, the fallen spirit can integrate the forms in the lower dimensions, creating the senses and bodies of pre-life forms and lifeforms. Eventually a human soul becomes a Master of the three lower worlds, or dimensions of time and space, by enlightening all of the energies within his or her three lower bodies through serving others. Then the fully enlightened (and ascended) Soul begins to join with the OverSoul, or Solar Angel, that has been helping that human soul—often for millions of years.

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The Unification of Nuclear Physics' and Metaphysics'
Theories of Atomic Structure on the Astral Plane

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illustration 10.6
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Life’s Hidden Meaning offers a thorough explanation of most of the areas of metaphysics. It uses principles of Ageless Wisdom, explained for the first time in plain English. The structured and conceptual text, along with nearly two hundred illustrations, gives the reader new insights and understandings about the hidden meaning of life. This book is likely to be the most revealing and complete metaphysical text, using whole concepts, ever written.


The first chapter of Life’s Hidden Meaning is composed of sixty-three questions and answers that most potential readers find both easy to read and intriguing. The questions and answers are compelling in their effect on many readers because these questions are the very ones that these people want answered concerning life and its meaning. It has been the publisher’s experience, while test marketing a pre-edition, that the first chapter created an unusually consistently favorable response in some people. These people continued to read beyond the first chapter, and sought to have their own copies.


The Etheric Centers

The Etheric Centers

illustration 7.3
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Despite its very large size, Life’s Hidden Meaning is easy to navigate when used as a reference source, or when read only in parts. To assist the reader, the author created a reading guide, a glossary, and glossary help guide. Each chapter contains both section headings and sub- headings, which are listed in the table of contents to facilitate being able to quickly find any area of particular interest. Many test readers have expressed the sense that the author has anticipated their areas of comprehension difficulty and has added various ways to help improve their own comprehension. This book is “user-friendly”—an unusual and welcome change in general for books on metaphysics and what has, until now, been esoteric knowledge.


The Rotation of Petals and the Rainbow Bridge

When the energy composing them is fully enlightened, all the petals and legs of the antahkarana that form a person’s rainbow bridge rotate. The direction of rotation of petals and legs is determined by the person’s gender, the sub-plane (tier), and the type of petal. All the petals on each tier spin in the same direction. When rotation is clockwise on the third tier, the person is male, and when counter-clockwise, the person is female. The rotation illustrated is that of a male. The first leg of the antahkarana, which comprises solar pitri energy, rotates in the same direction as do the petals on the third tier. The second tier spin is opposite to the third, and the first tier spins in the same direction as the third. The antahkarana strands from the second tier form the second leg of the antahkarana. The third leg is formed from the solar pitri energy from the first tier connected to the mental permanent atom, down to the mental unit. With the first spin, all the petals on each tier spin in the same direction. The second spin occurs when the petals are fully enlightened and petals of the same type spin in a big circle through the tiers, creating a pinwheel effect. All the K (knowledge) petals and S (sacrifice) petals spin in the same direction as the first and third tiers do. The L (love) petals spin in the opposite direction. The second spin causes the radiances from the petals to move in two different ways and in two dimensions—movement and time—around the legs of the triangle.

The Spiritual Lotus: Rotation of Petals and the Rainbow Bridge

illustration 6.23
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The Big Bang

The Big Bang
The big bang occurred outside time and space, which is the same as stating that it occurred outside God’s and the Ray Lords’ thought, “below” the seventh sub-plane.

illustration 4.17
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The Sixth Astral Sub-Plane

The Sixth Astral Sub-Plane
illustration 8.11
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At a cover price of $39.95 (US), Life’s Hidden Meaning is a remarkable value. The cover is over forty percent heavier than what is industry standard, and has been coated on both sides to reduce soiling. For durability and for the reader’s convenience, “lay-flat” binding was used. The paper is the highest quality vellum, to provide a bright white background for easier reading and to resist tears and fraying. It is hoped that the quality and lasting value can be seen and appreciated by those who will avail themselves of this book.

Life’s Hidden Meaning helps to join together the areas that are hidden from many of its readers’ understandings of science and theology. The intention is that as the readers explore the various subjects in which they may gain more meaning in their lives, they will simultaneously raise their consciousnesses. What many readers are about to enter is a journey that offers the possibility of gaining a reasonable understanding of the basic concepts concerning why our universe and the life within it exist, and exist as they do. The entire book may represent a completed cosmology and ontology of our universe by unifying its physics while bringing God back into science, and bringing logic into theology. Perhaps the most important contribution to the readers’ understanding of Life’s Hidden Meaning is the answering of many questions that are, by what is likely to be the majority of people, believed to be unanswerable. A large number of these questions are answered in ways that make them potentially testable, scientifically, by many of the readers. Those who are ready are now invited and challenged to determine for themselves the validity of the explanations found within this book.

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