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List of Questions
Life’s Hidden Meaning


List of Questions

cover of Life's Hidden Meaning

in Chapter One of Life’s Hidden Meaning

Below is a list of the questions that are briefly answered in Chapter One of Life’s Hidden Meaning.  In the book, each answer concludes with a reference to one or more subsequent chapters where that topic is covered in more depth.

1. Where did everything come from?
2. If God limits itself to create a diverse universe, which includes people, then does God no longer exist?
3. What do you mean by light? Is this the light that shines from the sun and other luminous sources?
4. What do you mean by the word energized, when you say that light—God’s thought—is energized?
5. If light is God’s thought contained in form, then what is thought?
6. What about those things that do not think, like a rock or a dandelion? What creates them, and are they a part of God?
7. Then does a single rock have a soul?
8. Since humans have individual souls and can think for themselves as individuals, what about pets (like dogs and cats) and those apes that have learned sign language?
9. Then is the main difference between people and animals that people can think in concepts?
10. Can the light of God be found within us by learning about it, like in school—or through this book?
11. For what reason are there people? What is the purpose of human life?
12. Do people become happy when they create virtue?
13. Why does virtue last forever?
14. Do people last forever?
15. But people are far from perfect, and most create virtue only infrequently. Almost no one uses all of her or his energy and thoughts all the time for creating virtue; are we all, then, doomed to oblivion?
16. Then when a person dies, does she or he stop existing?
17. What happens after a person "dies" all the way back to being a soul?
18. Is it possible to remember prior lives?
19. After death, then, does everyone go back to being his or her soul, and does everyone experience increasing levels of consciousness (as well as great joy) in the process?
20. What happens to those few people who choose to disconnect from their souls, and how does anyone live without a soul in the first place?
21. What happens to those who become possessed by evil?
22. How does the system that you mentioned work scientifically to reward those who are giving and cause those who are selfish to suffer?
23. If karma exists, then why is it that people who are criminals sometimes do not get caught, and what about when something very bad happens to a large group of people—like in the case of an airplane crash, or when thousands of civilians die in a war?
24. Does God, or any "Great Being" watch over us and help us, if maybe we deserve it?
25. If a part of the purpose of life is to learn to give as well as to become more giving then does that mean that we should not do things for ourselves, like earning money and owning things?
26. How can we improve ourselves in our giving?
27. Does joy or bliss come from spiritual discipline?
28. I am not sure that I want to change myself to become more giving or to create ore virtue. How could this book be of any value to me?
29. What kind of fears do you mean we have when you say the fear of dying prevents us from giving?
30. Can you explain exactly what death is like, so that maybe this fear could be alleviated?
31. It sounds like death, or at least life after death, is better than life. Why should we toil and suffer so much in this world if the next one is so much nicer?
32. Why isn’t the meaning of life just to experience things and to have fun wherever we are?
33. When does a person’s growth end?
34. What do you mean when you say that the universe is cyclical in nature?
35. You mentioned that people live, on average, the equivalent of about thirty-five earth years on the astral plane; is time there different from the way we experience it here?
36. My dreams seldom make much sense. Are thought and life on the astral plane (or in other dimensions after death) like my dreams?
37. Do people who live on the higher planes sleep and dream, and is the lack of personality integration that you described the reason why I can’t seem to fully remember who I am when I dream?
38. Can people who are dead contact those who are alive here on earth?
39. Is it possible to visit these other dimensions while we are awake and thus fully integrated in our personalities—and still be physically alive?
40. Why should I believe what you are saying in this book?
41. Is it possible to meet someone on the higher inner planes who is much higher in consciousness than most humans are?
42. If these liberated souls, or Souls, of the next kingdom are super-humans, do they look like people, and are there any who are physically alive?
43. Can the use of drugs transport or help to transport someone to the higher inner dimensions?
44. What do you mean by becoming possessed?
45. So far you have only mentioned earth in your answers; are there other planets or solar systems with life on them, and do they involve other dimensions as well?
46. Then what about all those space vehicles being spotted by some people, and the claimed abductions?
47. Besides the astral plane, can we be somewhere else on the higher dimensions either when we are asleep or when we are out of our physical bodies?
48. Do liberated souls, or the Masters of the Ageless Wisdom, never dream because they are always giving and thus have no retained energy to work off?
49. Can dreams be significant towards teaching us something, or might they even be prophetic?
50. Why do people get sick? Does disease result from us being selfish?
51. How many times have we reincarnated, and how often do we come back?
52. Are there new human souls in our world today, who have never incarnated before?
53. When did humans first incarnate on earth?
54. Modern science states that humans did not exist before two to three million years ago, but you state something different. Why is there no fossil evidence of humans from eight million (or more) years ago?
55. Are there any other landmasses and races of people that have appeared and then vanished from record?
56. Why does there seem to be so much hidden information about these topics that you have addressed?
57. Then why is it that you and perhaps some others are writing books to tell about these myths and this mystified knowledge in more modern scientific ways, possibly revealing once again what had been hidden?
58. What determines which country and locale, racial group, and social stratum a person is born into?
59. How does a soul control the factors you mentioned—does it have some kind of direct control over us once we are born?
60. How much are we affected by these different types of bodies and the differing influences of the rays?
61. Why does the "ray," or energy type, of the soul stay the same?
62. Does astrology have anything to do with the process of the soul incarnating?
63. What is the general purpose of this book?


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