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Ageless Wisdom Distributors...
de-mystifying life's mysteries

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Ageless Wisdom Distributors
...de-mystifying life’s mysteries

Why Life Is

...with Niles MacFlouer

Why Life Is... airs for two hours, currently from 6–8 pm (MST) every Friday

AIRING LIVE Fridays from 6–8 pm (MST)*

go to www.bbsradio.com Station 1, Internet radio

or listen in over your phone
dial 701-719-4207, no access code required

Spiritual/Metaphysical Talk Radio With Real Answers To Your Questions

If you could uncover the hidden meaning in your life,
how different would your life be?

Niles MacFlouer’s unique ways of explaining all things spiritual and metaphysical
have helped countless others find greater meaning in their lives.

We want to hear from you!

Interact with Niles in fascinating and thought-provoking discussions!
Call in with your questions or comments:

Live Internet Radio, Fridays 6–8 pm (MST, GMT-7)*

Toll Free Call-In 888 627-6008 USA/Canada

E-mail your questions or comments to thoughts[at]WhyLifeIs.com.

Listen to show archives, or just browse the subject matter.

*Airs every Friday from 6:00 until 8:00 pm Arizona time (MST, GMT-7) in Spring and Summer
Airs every Friday from 7:00 until 9:00 pm Arizona time (MST, GMT-7) in Fall and Winter
— Originates out of California at 6:00 pm Pacific Time —
(California observes Daylight Saving Time;  Arizona does not.)


There is much written and spoken today concerning how to find more peace in our minds and joy in our hearts. Could it be that what is mostly missing in humanity and our world, keeping this beyond our reach, is the deeper understanding of how to live all that is in the way life and the universe are created to be?

Why Life Is... with Niles MacFlouer offers the unique opportunity to increase your understanding by openly discussing and sharing together the whats, hows, and especially the whys of living fully in harmony within the magnificent plan of our Creator.

For the past over twenty years noted metaphysical author Niles MacFlouer has devoted his life to helping others discover who they really are—their souls—and to helping people reach and even expand their full spiritual potential for this lifetime. Why Life Is... also provides a wonderful opportunity to discover explanations, answers, and solutions you may not have heard before that can change your life…unlike anything else.

We invite you to be an active participant in helping to co-create a better world for our families, our society, humanity, and all of life.



From a listener: "I have been meditating through most of this show and this is one of the 'downloads' I received during it:  I am grateful for the opportunity to be here at this time in history and do what I can to work toward a successful future for mankind on this planet...Win or Lose!! The experience of witnessing and participating during this time of great change is, I feel, momentous in a universal sense of the word. This big of a shift has not happened anywhere in the recorded memory of the current consciousness."


Thank you, to all who are listening to, viewing, and participating in
Why Life Is...with Niles MacFlouer. 

We hope you will return every week.  (Tell your friends, too!)

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Ageless Wisdom Distributors...
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